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jongtae | bandfic | 2200w | PG13

this came to me without a warning today so i just decided to write it down and throw it in here in case someone wanted to read it uwu. taem’s ace in this one. it’s a little angsty and very emotional. 

Jonghyun was confused.

If someone asked him, he’d say he was certain that what was between him and Taemin… well, that there at least was something between him and Taemin. He couldn’t really put a label on it because obviously they’d never acted on it, but at least on his part it was– nameable. He could name it, but he tried not to because it felt so heavy even to him, and it’s not like giving it a name would change anything. He could feel all the L-words in the world and Taemin would still be very Taemin about it. ‘Clueless’ is probably the word.

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if i lay here

if i just lay here

do u think this fanfic will write itself

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Kibum forever amused about Jonghyun’s mistakes

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Blue night radio 14 / 09 / 199: Are you the type to get dumped or dump others?
J: I'm more of to get dumped? I can't say those things to the people that I loved.
9: So you lead the person on until you get dumped?
J: Eh~~ That's bad!! What~ You're trying to make me into a coward?! Then there are no good guys.
J: Love can be started simultaneously. I haven't seen love ending at the same time though. It's always one who gets left behind, waiting (for the other person) to come back.
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I’m not being like this because I’m really drunk
Taeminie worked really hard.
There isn’t anyone who gets by without going through hardships but
whatever he set his goal as, Taeminie deserves more than enough to be loved.
The talks I had with you for this album, I felt your sincerity.
Please love Taeminie.

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